Watercolor Swatches



This is not a page necessarily of pricing out what watercolors to buy, so much as a collection of my photos of my watercolors painted out. This is just for quick personal reference. The featured photo was drawn in Derwent Inktense ink water-soluble pencils.

Angora Watercolorsa Children’s set, this is in full daylight. The photo taken inside frankly, isn’t much brighter or easier to see the colors.


Windsor Newton Cotman – Student/practice grade (above children’s quality.) Shown in direct sunlight and inside. My brown has some green accidentally in it because I didn’t keep this set very clean.

IMG_5753 IMG_5739

Soho URBAN – Student Grade – These were about $1-$2 a tube when I bought them. Positives: they painted out beautifully. Negatives: half were thick or dry in their tubes which made them a huge pain to squeeze out. My Naples Yellow was so dry, the tube snapped in half! But the colors are good. For practice, it doesn’t really matter.

IMG_5743 IMG_5758

Koi Watercolors – Student/Craft Grade. These are fun colors in a pocket/travel sketch kit. Great for on the go.

IMG_5740 IMG_5755

Prima Marketing – Craft Grade. I have two sets, which come in amazing metal travel tins. These tins are classic watercolor travel palettes, with 12 colors each – and normally these tins are the same price as these sets. This is Tropicals and Decadent Pies.   

IMG_5762 IMG_5745

QORMid-range in quality, but somewhat pricey watercolors. Made by a company which is more known for acrylics. These aren’t bad, per se, but you can definitely buy better for the same cost.


Sennelier – mid-range Artist Grade and a Cretacolor water-soluble rainbow pencil.

IMG_5759  IMG_5744

Mijello Mission Gold – East Asian Watercolors. A lot of people compare these to western watercolors which prioritize transparency. However, East Asian watercolors tend to be somewhat richer and more vibrant-inky (think sumi ink) in color, like thinned gouache. I love them, but they don’t perform like western watercolors, and so therefore shouldn’t be judged that way.

IMG_5736 IMG_5750

This also shows my water-soluble crayon/pastels Cretacolor Neocolor II’s which are the most rich of their type.


Marabu Art Crayon – Water-soluble

Windsor Newton – Artist Grade, Neutral Tint and Opera Pink. WN Artist watercolors are great.

Holbein Irodori Antique – another east asian watercolor, these are silver grey and ochre. Cannot be dried out on a palette.

Daniel Smith – Artist Grade. The best set of Watercolors I own, the 6 color introductory set. They are “juicy” and rich, and wonderful to blend.


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